PCCW Media to focus on SME database development, with Yellow Pages as the hub for SMEs

PCCW Limited (formerly known as Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited) is a Hong Kong-based information and communications technology company. The company is the majority owner of telecommunications company HKT Limited. The Group has over 22,800 employees located in 50 countries and cities. A majority of employees work in Hong Kong and the others are based mainly in mainland China, the USA and the Philippines. 

PCCW Media Group is a leading, fully integrated multimedia and entertainment company headquartered in Hong Kong. PCCW Media operates the leading pay-TV service in Hong Kong under the Now TV brand offering more than 130 linear channels and an extensive on-demand library of local, Asian and international programming.

The last Yellow Pages directory was printed and distributed in 2018 as the company continued to move its main focus to digital and online applications. Although the printed directory was discontinued there continues to be a printed supplement focussing on B2B segment. Around 70% of print advertisers continued to advertise in the online directory.

Doris Wong, Head of Advertising of PCCW Media Limited states that the today business is providing one-stop-shop all rounded marketing & advertising solutions to corporate clients. Marketing & advertising solutions include print, TV, digital & social.
To support the online / digital directory PCCW Media has introduced several new products and services, including Web builder & E-Shop builder strengthening the recognition of SMEs in Hong Kong through Yellow Pages.

In the near future additional new products / services will be introduced, including SME Database Marketing and B2B Networking.

Doris Wong adds, “Although the customer base decreased by 30% since we became online / digital, the ARPU has increased by 50%. We have been particularly successful during 2020 helping many SMEs to GO DIGITAL during the COVID restrictions.”

COVID restrictions affected specific industries, especially F&B and Beauty Salons. The Hong Kong Government has launched funding schemes to support SMEs to GO DIGITAL. PCCW Media managed to capture this round of funding to help SMEs to build website or e-shop.

As a result of the transition of the business model towards digital applications the nature of competition has changed considerably for PCCW Media. We asked Doris who she considers to be her main competitors now.

She indicated that they are competing with many digital agencies in the market who are all focussed on low-cost admin fee consultancy services.

In the sector the sales teams have traditionally been the main strength. We asked Doris Wong how the role of the salesman has changed since her company moved digital only. She indicted that “old” salesmen who could not cope with the changes have left. Sales teams have been streamlined by 30%.

She stated, “Salesmen have to keep up-to-date on market knowledge instead of only selling by sales skills and relationship building.”

PCCW Media is part of a very large company and we asked Doris how this benefits her operation. 

“Yellow Pages is under PCCW Media Limited which belongs to HKT. HKT is the largest telecom company in Hong Kong which owns the majority corporate clients in HK. Yellow Pages can leverage the sales resources and network of HKT to expand the penetration in the market. Especially the low ARPU service which needs to have scale.” Doris Wong is very optimistic about future revenue growth. “In terms of product development, we will further focus on SME database development, with Yellow Pages to be the hub for SMEs.”

Doris Wong will be delighted to answer any questions that ALSMA members may have.

PCCW Media Limited

Doris joined PCCW in May 2002 as a sales representative. She was named Head of Advertising of PCCW in April 2014 being Assistant Vice President of PCCW Media Limited leading Yellow Pages Hong Kong. Doris was born in Hong Kong and is married. She particularly enjoys travelling and highlights eating good food as a special interest. She enjoys all Asian cuisine, especially Japanese and Thai.


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