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Global Yellow Pages is a multi-platform solutions company focusing on up-to-date search, Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) enablement and database marketing. It is also the largest publisher of directories and provider of classified directory advertising and associated products and services in Singapore. The Group’s subsidiaries include Singapore Information Services Ptd Ltd (“INSIS”), eFusion Solutions Pte Ltd (“eFusion”) and Singapore River Explorer Pte Ltd (“River Explorer”). INSIS provides database marketing services and publishes specialised trade directories under the INSIS imprint; eFusion generates sales through voice-based direct marketing and River Explorer serves the connectivity needs of commuters and tourists along the Singapore River by offering river taxi services in addition to scenic and historical river tours. Overseas, the Group has its presence in India via its associated company, Integrated Databases India Ltd (“IDIL”). IDIL has offices in major cities in India, and its business activities include database management, directory publishing, tele and direct marketing, international Yellow Pages sales and the publishing of electronic directories.

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Major Printed Directories

  • Yellow Pages®: Yellow Pages is a comprehensive classified directory that not only helps consumers make informed purchases but also serves the social, commercial and industrial needs of business users.
  • Yellow Pages Hotel: Yellow Pages Hotel welcomes both leisure and business visitors. Fast facts, food recommendations, shopping hotspots and other relevant business information are all part of the package that introduces visitors to Singapore.
  • Yellow Pages Chinese: Yellow Pages Chinese is the only Chinese language classified directory in Singapore supporting the Chinese-speaking community by enabling connectivity between the community and trusted businesses.
  • White Pages Chinese: White Pages Chinese Listings is the only Chinese language listings directory in Singapore.
  • White Pages Residential Listings: White Pages Residential Listings is an extensive directory that alphabetically lists subscriber information.
  • White Pages Business Listings: White Pages Business Listings is a comprehensive business directory that lists subscribers alphabetically.
  • Exclusive Homes: Exclusive Homes is a directory serving owners of high-value properties and their unique lifestyle needs. Listings are streamlined for relevancy and articles further enhance the publication.
  • INSIS Range of Trade Directories: Architecture Real Estate Construction Design (A.R.C.d)- Singapore Exporters- Singapore Industrial Sourcing Guide- Singapore Marine Offshore Oil & Gas (SMO)- Middle East Connections (published in Arabic)
  • Singapore Infocomm Guide: Singapore Infocomm Guide is a guidebook that serves the burgeoning local infocomm industry, and contains articles contributed by industry heavyweights to offer users discerning information regarding the infocomm industry.

Online Directories

  • Internet Yellow Pages: Internet Yellow Pages Makes the power of our flagship Yellow Pages® database available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Internet White Pages: Internet White Pages brings the power of the White Pages database online.
  • INSIS: is an online version of the INSIS trade directories – Architecture Real Estate Construction Design (A.R.C.d), Singapore Exporters, Singapore Industrial Sourcing Guide, Singapore Marine Offshore Oil & Gas (SMO) and Middle East Connections.
  • Singapore Infocomm Guide: is the online adaptation of the Singapore Infocomm Guide, serving the burgeoning local infocomm industry 24/7.
  • Visitors.SG: caters to visitors to Singapore, whether they are leisure tourists, executives attending MICE events or guests coming for an appointment with medical specialists.

Online Directories

  • Yellow Pages® Mobile: Yellow Pages® Mobile is the complete, on-the-go solution to users’ everyday directory search needs.
  • United Cloud Apps: United Cloud Apps is a content management system (CMS) for mobile apps.
  • CallmyName: CallmyName is a communication application that allows users to reach people and businesses by keying in their call name instead of phone numbers.
  • Data Solutions (Database Marketing & Management): Data Solutions offers SMEs and large companies a diverse range of data services to improve their marketing precision, customer acquisition and data hygiene.
  • WebExpress Web Design and Hosting: WebExpress helps businesses design and host their websites
  • Yellow Shop E-Commerce Platform: is an online sales platform that couples low startup and operating costs with easy-to-use functionality and high levels of security.
  • Google AdWords: As a Google AdWords Premier SME Partner, GYP creates strategic partnerships with companies to assist and build long-term value and success for their local businesses, while leveraging Google’s local ad products.
  • Singapore River Explorer: Singapore River Explorer operates river tour and river taxi services along the Singapore River. In addition, GYP offers out-of-home advertising solutions for clients through our bumboats, BubbleJet Taxis and kiosks.
  • eFusion Solutions: eFusion Solutions Pte Ltd is a company that provides direct and channel marketing services to clients.


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