Keynote Address

​​​​​​​Perpetual Transformation -- How Modern Organizations Thrive

James Ciuffetelli, Executive General Manager, Sensis (Australia)

For local search companies, successful transformation is not an event, but an ongoing process with no defined beginning or end. Your company needs to plan your next transformation before you finish the current effort. Local search companies must get comfortable with this notion and create organizations that can thrive in this environment of relentless evolution. This session shares the lessons of Sensis, the region’s leading publisher. 

​​​​​​​Think Like an App

Neal Polachek, Owner, Board Advisors (United States)
Thinking like an app means changing how you run your business to deliver the level of customer experience that using apps has led all of us to expect, as consumers and as users of B2B services. A new standard for customer experience is emerging and all businesses must adapt to it. This talk offers a roadmap for thinking like an app. 

Be a Leader in the Answers Evolution

Tyler Donahue, Chief of Staff, Yext K.K. (Japan)
Business today takes place in an ever more crowded space, and a business should be the source of truth for all questions about itself. In fact, with the world of search today evolving from links to answers, every business needs to understand what building their own knowledge graph looks like, and the impact it can have on customer engagement. Building brand-verified answers to consumer questions can position a business to capture and keep more customers. This increases brand awareness, impacts sales and revenue, and improves customer loyalty.
Is SEO for Local Directories Dead?

Andrew Shotland, CEO, Local SEO Guide (USA)

As Google My Business continues to increase its utility for both consumers and businesses and as Google takes over more and more "free" real estate on search results with its own properties, it’s getting a lot harder for local directories to grow their businesses via organic traffic. That doesn't mean you have to give up. Andrew Shotland, CEO of, returns to Asiacom to share a case study demonstrating how local directories can grow organic traffic today. This talk will give you effective new tactics to put into immediate action. 

SaaS - The Next Small Business Revolution

Charles Laughlin, Sr. Analyst, LSA (USA)

Small businesses worldwide are using B2B apps to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. This is transforming the lives of small businesses. And it is shaking up the power structures in local. Companies offering payments solutions have as much claim on the share of the SMB’s wallet as a local agency. Citing data from the LSA and other sources, this session will explain why this next revolution in local demands your immediate attention. 
Understanding the New Local Ranking Factors

Barry Smyth, Cofounder, Consistently (Australia)

We’ve heard about Google's increasingly “walled garden” strategy making it harder for businesses to rank on the world's leading search engine. The good news is, today search involves so much more than Google. This talk reveals how a variety of search modes, from voice to social to in-car, are converging into an exciting new opportunity for businesses to stand out and be discovered.