Over the last decade, the term “Local Search” has come to be one of the most important terms in the global Internet ecosystem. “Local Search” – however defined – constitutes a rapidly growing market opportunity for traditional media companies, new online players and innovative start-ups. On a global basis “Local Search” is a $300B USD market opportunity and a $75 – $100B USD market in Asia.

ALSMA – Asian Local Search and Media Association – is a non-profit association that comprises of companies that are involved in the “Local Search” market in Asia. ALSMA’s core objective is to establish a forum for members – those involved in “Local Search” in Asia – to exchange knowledge, experiences, information and ideas. Members gather regularly – in person and virtually – to examine the challenges and explore the opportunities in “Local Search” in a spirit of mutual interest and to establish operating standards and best practices for the industry.

As ALSMA transitions to broaden its intent to include all dimensions of “Local Search”, the Association will seek to deliver value to its members – be they traditional Yellow Pages companies, search companies, mobile companies, vertical search companies, newspaper companies and technology vendors operating across the “Local Search” ecosystem. Over the coming weeks, months and years, ALSMA will deliver value to its members by aggregating mission critical data, analyses and strategic insight which can be used by members to increase their market and strategic success.

About ALSMA – Formerly ADPAI

Originally established in 1997 as ADPAI – Asian Directory Publishers Association Inc., – in 2013 the association transitioned to broaden its intent to incorporate the much larger and more dynamic arena of “Local Search”. Whether a member or not, a publisher, supplier or simply a visitor to our site, you will find here details about all our members and their publications, as well an overview of the Association’s activities: conferences focusing on industry growth, collaborative committees and regular news updates about our members and the sector in general.

ALSMA is established as a non-profit association composed of companies who are involved in the “Local Search” in Asia. Our focus is to establish a forum where members can meet on neutral ground to examine problems of mutual interest, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience, information and ideas while promoting better relationships between members through congress and enhanced communications channels.


Board of Trustees


Ricardo Bautista
Oscar Sousa Marques
Wayne Foster
Peter Donlan
Malraj Balapitiya
Chairman - Ricardo Bautista
President - Oscar Sousa Marques
Secretary - Michael Tantoco
Treasurer - Arturo Diago